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Nasus. Walnut25's Irelia guide for season 10!Top/Mid :D. (W.I.P ) Beginner's Guide To Top Lane Gangplank, [10.14]Monkey king high elo ultimate guide ( IN PROGRESS). Yasuo Guide - (290k Mastery Points), [8.24] Reckless Kraken - Depth Guide by Wolftom, [Patch 8.24] TakeLPlease's In-Depth Guide To DH Rengar Top, illaoi the king of the top dont need gank, [8.24] Diamond God Teemo - Atualmente TOP 10 Teemo BR - Toda, (8.24) Ultimate Guide To Master Illaoi's Itemization, Bible of Urgot: Climb Out of Low ELO by Abusing This Easy Ch. CounterStats provides valuable counter picking insights for League of Legends players. LoL Statistics, Guides, Builds, Runes, Masteries, Skill Orders, Counters and Matchups for Fiora when played Top. Phoenix, Fly! [10.18] Lao's Kayle - Your time has come! Powered by the Official League of Legends API. 889. Stacking pure armor won’t be a good idea since she has a lot of true damage in her kit. [10.23] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide, [10.24] Raen's Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^̮^, PRESEASON #1 EUW 900LP Challenger Teemo Guide, [10.23] RTO's Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide, HOW TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY!! Please let us know what you think and how we can improve by clicking here. Fiora build with the highest winrate runes and items in every role. General Counter Tips. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of Legends. [10.22] A Diamond Idiots short guide to Tahm Kench Top. Laning Against. 697. Jax The Grandmaster At Arms [10.10] In-Depth Guide, Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled), [10.10]The IMMORTAL vision of Noxus (still in progress), |________| Mid Lane > Jungle > ADC > Support. Top. Patch 10.24 Oh Kayn Top! [MATCHUPS INCLUDED] [72% WINRATE]. Punish her when her Lunge is on cooldown, which is her main mobility skill. Fiora the Grand Duelist Ranked #54 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Fiora. Be the first to submit a counter tip! U cant have more AD than her. Cho'Gath. [100% Matchups]. 22,041. Bigger DMG! Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! Aatrox Matchups - 2v1 is better than a 1v1! Report. Kanye? Fiora Data for all roles taken from 60,543 170 1,166 17,409 41,412 389 matches. [10.24] RIP RAGEBLADE! Fiora Counter for Top. Top. Jax. Urgot of House Zaun, God of Executions, By Karnan. It's still viable?). Lasoor's Guide to Yorick Shepherd of Souls - Season 9, UNKILLABLE TANK GOD OF TOP/MID LANE! Punish her when her Lunge is on cooldown, which is her main mobility skill. As a tank make sure to build Bramble Vest. #15 Volibear EU, [Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha, ✔️ [10.13] EUW Diamond Garen Ultimate Top Guide / Alzeid, Lane Push Diana Mid/Top - Season 10 Updated, 1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr, Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos, In-Depth Guide to Volibear the Thundergod, [10.14] ECLIPSE'S INSANE 1V9 JAX GUIDE FOR TOPLANE KINGDOM, [10.14]RYZE TO THE TOP ! [10.6] Pickle Pick's in-depth guide to Ornn in the top lane! (INCOMPLETE), NoHesitation7's Season 11 Toplane Irelia Build, SENNSATIONAL Season 11 Top Lane Matchup Guide, Beginner friendly guide to carrying games as Yorick, Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria), Sett, the Obsidian Dragon (Season 11 Guide). same as you here burst and dps rhaast, (10.20) This Udyr DOES NOT FLINCH! CC her when she activates her Burst of Speed, as it will go on a long cooldown after 3 seconds if she does not get any kills. Jungler. [10.5], Split King Guide: Dedicated Climbing Guide [Work In Progress, [10.5] Renekton Guide TOP Lane | Carry Build | 1v9 |, (DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl. 1,734. ", Carry Early To Late - Anti Lane/Jungle Bully (Patch 10.9), Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong). Best Counter Picks from the Best Data. Report. Real-time LoL Stats! - Mordekaiser Guide, Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1, itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! Items like Thormail will be extrimely efective against her, so be tanky. Counters include who Fiora Top is Strong or Weak Against. [10.22] A Diamond Idiots short guide to Malphite, Tank Top. - Former Pro's Guide to Heimerdinger, Phrxshn's Guide to Dr.Mundo[10.24](Preparing for Season 11), [10.23] RTO's Challenger Gnar Top Lane Guide, Ryze Top/Mid Build Guide Season 11 (Any Skill Level), (PRESEASON) How to win lane as Quinn! [8.23] [Top] DuhBrandon's Akali Build Whatever Guide. [Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! Fiora's Passive can make a huge difference when trading with her. (Rank #1, Kaji's Nautilus Toplane Guide ~ All Will Drown, Top/Jungle [10.22] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide. See All LoL Champion Counters. Win Champion Select with Fiora counters for LoL S10 Patch 10.24. Deceit. Mid. Look at the best Fiora counters and matchups to win your lane in Patch 10.23. (Reworked mordekais, Each trophy, a victory... a comprehensive guide to Top Lane, [10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH. ... How to counter Fiora as Kha'Zix. No tips found. Fiora's Lunge ability provides most of her mobility - try to attack her when it's down. 12 Comments. From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold's Guild to Singed. In-depth and Com. (Include Thai sub), Unbench The Kench! [Toplane Leona] Pen or sword? [S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! ... How to counter Fiora as Volibear. <>_<>, Ryako the Exile´s Riven Guide. Gnar AP Hybrid build Guide + General Tips, [10.23] RTO's Challenger Nasus Top Lane Guide, [Rework in Progress] An In-Depth Guide for How To Play Yuumi, Phrxshn's Guide To Sett[10.24](Preparing for Season 11), Updated for Preaseason! Top. [Season 10] Crucial laning tips & how to dominate late. SHOW THEM DARKNESS!! Tips. Season 11 Sett Top - New Stridebreaker Item! Patch 10.24 62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 12 Comments. Playing around Fiora's W is a focal point of the lane. Don't clump together after she buys a Tiamat/Ravenous Hydra as she will do massive AOE damage combined with her ultimate. [10.24] S11| New Items | In-depth | Mordekaiser Top Guide, Phrxshn's Guide To Singed[10.24](Preparing for Season 11). Riot-partnered U.GG analyzes millions of LoL matches. Guia En Español "8.23", Sion AD - O Monstro da TopLane (Guia em Português do Brasil. Ω Rhoku’s Mordekai, [10.24] S9/S10 Masters PRESEASON AD Crit Neeko Top Guide, (S11 UPDATED) GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mas, The Ultimate Masters Gangplank Guide and His Mythics [PS11]. }, [NEW ITEMS 10.24] Iron Stands Eternal! 22,021. 0 Comments. Top. Vayne - The Top Lane Tank's Worst Nightmare. Nasus Top Lane Guide, God-King Darius-Let Your Wolf Devour Their Corpses-200,000 M, ✔️ [9.17] Make Top Lane Great Again - Top Lane Raid Boss, Pyke guide - how to play pyke (all lines), CARNAGE UPON THEM // Plat+ Aatrox Top Tank Hybrid Tactic, [9.16] Strength above all -Darius Guide ★Matchups Included, [9.16] Ornn Guide | Itemization & Rune Optimization, [9.16] Sonny2o9's Ultimate Top AD Jarvan IV Guide, A newbie's guide to Tryndamere for newbies, [S9] TOPLANE RANGO - ONESHOTS <3 (In-Depth), Face The Future of Your Climb - Fully Updated for 9.15, The Nuts on This Guy: The 12inchpvpness Guide to Success, The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick, [9.15] OTP Darius Guide - Work In Progress, Jayce đường trên/giữa_Chia sẻ cùng thách đấu, [9.14] BEAST Garen build (Potentially solo carry games), x9 This Quinn Guide | Season 9 | 9.15 Patch, The Complete Season 9 Yorick Guide (UPDATED Patch 9.14), (9.14) Al-Garen SILVER GAREN CLIMBING ! Addition for Balori's ap Cho'God fans! [UPDATED S8] [IN PROGRESS], Yer Raidin' the Rift! Be the first to submit a counter tip! U.GG analyzes millions of LoL matches to give you the best LoL champion build. 1314. It reduces Fiora’s sustain significantly. Items like Thormail will be extrimely efective against her, so be tanky. Yorick - The Goon Squad Splitpusher (Work in Progress), Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match, Akali 9.6 Top AD Guide | by God Slayer Akali, [9.5] Absolute Domination - A Guide to Darius, [9.5] Toplane Splitpush Zilean (Diamond, 75% winrate), the mega superior - JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5], Skarner TOP rank 2- 80% Winrate Diamond 1, DEATH IS LIKE A WIND ALWAYS BY MY SIDE (SEASON 9 YASUO GUIDE, Top lane Xin Zhao (What? Subhuman Fi, Play Tryndamere like foggedftw2 | Updated for Season 11, mor, ✔️ [10.21] Make Top Lane Great Again - Top Lane Raid Bos, Cometplank is dead, will update @preseason, The Monster of the Void [10.21] Cho'Gath Top, [10.21] The Unbalancable: A Guide to Ryze, CensoredMercy's GrandMaster Triple Threat Triad Irelia Build, [10.21] Top/Mid Mordekaiser Guide (Platinum), Aatrox, S10 guide that ''Offers you,Victory, Toplane Sett the BeastBoy | build S10 Patch 10.21, Zerg's Poppy Guide to Become the Hero You Didn't Know You Ar, Best Sett Guide that u can ever hope for . Champions counter Fiora Our Top Counter Tips To Beat Fiora. [Patch 10.9] 54% Dmg Reduction?!? 9,806. (threats & tips), [10.13] Ivern Attack Speed onetrick (All matchups), DARIUS THE TRUE ALPHA (In depth guide) WIP ALL LANES. Master of Equilibrium, Shen, The Eye of Twilight. Doesn't matter, sun rules all! [S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung, (wukong guide) snow ball hard and carry the team!!(jungl, Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz), The Immortal Depths: A Nautilus Guide to Top Lane, [10.6] Your false gods cannot save you ! "One More Step Toward Domination" Yorick Top Build, Dr Mundo Top Guide - Run Them Down + Matchups, 400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS, Boris - The Nerf Ender [All matchups/Work in Progress]. Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build), A Garen Guide for Beginers, Learn the keys to start playing, Tank TOP and MID Lane Tahm Kench (with slight on-hit damage), Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide, dead man walking - An in depth guide to graves top and jung, [10.12 TOP] SION IMMORTAL TANK |BY zovlikas, [10.12] #2 Sylas Mastery NA Top Base Rush Build, [10.12] Challenger Peak Riven Guide (6+ seasons Riven OTP, 1, [TOP] THE ONLY OLAF GUIDE YOU NEED [GET READY FOR 10.12] MAX, The Secret Weapon - Vazo's Season 10 Conqueror Zac Top Guide, Shyvana Top Lane Guide, And How To Dominate Low-Mid Elo, Grandmaster TrinityForceYasuo Build Top Lane S10 Patch 10.2, [10.11] [Gunblade] Top Karma - A Noob's Guide [W.I.P]. 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! NEW BUILD IS HERE! (Top Lane Tahm Kench Guide), Klordix's guide to Yorick (1M+ MASTERY POINTS), Poppy - La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD), Noxius Glory - In detpth Darius 9.6 Guide. Build Tabi’s and items that give HP. [10.23] PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster! Be the first to submit a counter tip! [10.24] THE ULTIMATE S11 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! Fiora Data for all roles taken from, [S11 NEW ITEMS] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide, [10.23] The Ultimate Riven Guide to Carry S11, [10.24] Ultimate Sion Guide! Fiora has really bad waveclear pre Tiamat, set up the wave correctly in order to punish her. Play smart with our LoL champion counters. Iron IV's Guide to Teemo - The Poisonous Chameleon - "A, Another Corpse for the Pile | Sion Build Guide, Wake up samurai, we have a game to carry. U cant have more AD than her. [10.23] BY RYZETROX, Olaf Top Lane 10.23 - GUIDE/BUILD/ITEMS/RUNES OLAF TOP ;), [10.23] RTO's Challenger Ryze Top Lane Guide, 10.24 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET , Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick[10.24](Preparing for Season 11), Yorick full guide updated to S11 preseason, [UPDATED S11] Mastering the Eye of Twilight - A Guide to Pla, Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite[10.24](Preparing for Season 11), Phrxshn's Guide To Trundle[10.24](Preparing for Season 11), [10.24] RIME'S PRESEASON MID/TOP KENNEN GUIDE, [PRESEASON] Chonccy Panda's Guide to Dunking, BEST Garen guide season 11 | matchups included | Mid & t. (S11[PT-BR]) O Único Guia de Kled que Você vai Precisar! Discover all Top champions who counter Fiora. "Tactical Inting" Irelia SoloQ WARLORD XXXtreme cl, The definitive Aatrox guide by an Aatrox main, Shen poradnik po polsku (Shen quide polish version) GOLD/PLA, Believe in Rumble Who Believes in You (S10), Teemo: The All-round Scout (Omnistone Teemo added), [10.16] "Steel is Stronger" - Complete Urgot guide, Dominate Top Lane with Beeg Zombie Man - Sion Matchups Guide, Let the anger take over - In depth Tryndamere guide top, Mordekaiser Top Lane Season 10 (Platinum), How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke). [10.11] ILLAOI S10 GUIDE - THE QUEEN OF TOP LANE, [10.11] Destiny. [YOUTUBE ED, Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [10.19], [10.19] Death Does Not Tire - Shumair's S10 Mordekaiser Top, [10.19] Kenny's Guide to JAX l SOLO CARRY ANY GAME, [PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE, The Poppy OTP guide ( updated 03/09/2020 ), [10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide, [10.18] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide, Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups, The only Volibear Toplane guide You'll ever Need, Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry. The Only One Shot Poppy Build You'll See! - [10.24] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! [WIP] [8.23] Become the Havel Monster. Fiora Counter. P. Q. W. E. R. Use win rate and GD15 to find the best Top Lane champion who counters Fiora. If you’re unhappy with the area marked, walking back a certain distance will reset the position. Culinary Degredation: A Season 11 Tahm Kench Guide, OUTDATED ( THIS SHOULD BE UPDATED IN ABOUT A WEEK OR 2 ), [SEASON 11] Ornn itemisation and rune guide, S11 [ NEW ITEMS ] - RENGOD TOP/JUNGLE DIAMOND ELO, Iron Calls! Fiora ist eine Meisterin von etwas Vollständigem, da sie in ihren Fähigkeiten Mobilität, Immunität, Angriffstempo und Lebensregeneration mit ihrem R hat; aber jeder Champion der Liga der Legenden hat seine Gegner, die ihn kontern lassen, als ob ich auf dem Konter der Fiora nach vorne zeigen würde. 10.12 SEASON 10! Top. D1 OTP. A statistical breakdown of the Volibear vs Fiora matchup in the Top Lane. - Beginner's Guide To Mordekaiser, Adaptive Low Elo Camille Guide From A Camille Main, Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank. How to dominate with Tryndamere Top Lane. ]Testing season 10, The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion, Another One Bites The Dust - Top Urgot guide, [10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE, ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10, Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed), One of best Tryndamere Top laners NA| Verdehile's fists of M, [10.03]Darius guide season 10 by Hi its Darius, I (Season 10) FreElo 4Days Riven Top Guide I, SUBJUGATE THE LIVING | A GUIDE TO PLAYING MORDEKAISER, Augmented Mordekaiser // Glacial Augment + Gunblade > Con, ✔️ [10.2] |TURKISH TOP-LANER| BetterNerfIrelia - Irelia, [9.24] Absolutely serious Toplane Soraka ~ The independent s, How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser, Straight tank is BORING (Season 10 Ready), How to counter the champions with yorick by ProgettoYorick, [S9] Lane Dominance: A Comprehensive Kennen Guide, Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate. (UPDATED) (In prog, [9.13]Gnar Free late Diamond Guide(top 100gnar eune top 1000, Un-killable Mordekaiser Guide (9.12) (Matchups Included), Skarner JG S9 - Patch/Parche 9.12 - TANKY/DAMAGE/ATTACK SPEE, [9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg), S9 Rank 45 Poppy NA Diamond Top Lane Poppy, Top Shen Bruiser Build and Tips (In progress), How to protect your property, snowball out of control, and g, DOMINATION WITH SKAARL TO CLAIM THE RIFT - Kled Carry Guide, Skaarl's Philosophy 2.0 - A M7 Guide to Kled [9.10], Season 9 Riven Build Patch 9.10 [1mil+ mastery], Season 9 Build and Climb successfully with Teemo, Zdenster's Guide to Top Lane ft. Cree [IN-WORK], Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9, CHO'GATH MID//TOP With matchup! Report. (Top / Mid), [10.24] NEW ITEMS Real's COMPLETE Darius Guide (All Match Up, Updated Builds and Mythics: Working on core item description, Season 11 Toplane Garen Guide [Basics included]. Fiora Counter in Top Lane. All Rights Reserved. ✔️ [10.13] EUW Diamond Renekton Ultimate Top / Alzeidx, [10.14] iTzToniOP's reworked Volibear guide. 2,871. See which champion is the better pick with our Fiora vs Volibear matchup statistics. Bigger Sword? Grandmaster Guide To Garen, The Might Of Demacia| UPDATED!!! Statistics include Fiora's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. Rule the Top Lane [W/ Match ups], [8.23]Cho'Gath - A Guide For Bronze/Silver (Updated), The Absolute Judge (Garen Guide) Detailed Match Ups), Como se carrea con Urgot! No tips found. Season 9 Guide to Kled! Yorick INSANE Carry TOP Lane FULL IN-DEPTH GUIDE, Season 10. Copyright © 2019 CounterStats. Carry your team. How to counter Fiora as Jax. Domination. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! Fiora is Weak Against. [10.22] THE BEST VOLI GUIDE THAT YOU WANT , Terrorism Advanced guide + All mathcups. Submitted By Bex95. Win 49.9 % • Pick ... Fiora Counter tips. [10.7] PH45's guide to Cho'Gath, the Devourer of Worlds! Tips. [10.9] Gangplank "Got every angle covered. S9.1 Gangplank Top (Crit and Tank), Join The Darkness - Yasuo Guide For Mid/Top [Patch 8.24], [8.24]This land will be their graveyard! (UPDATED), [9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide, [9.22] Full AP Tank Mordekaiser/Warmog & Deathcap [Immor, [9.23] Tyndamere's right hand | Split 4 Win, [PRE-SEASON] MORDEKAISER: "PARTY BREAKER", (INCOMPLETE) [9.23] Pantheon, the Unbreakable Toplaner [Guid, Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane, [9.24] OTP Darius Experience with MATCHUPS (Unfinished), Malphite TOP Guide w/ 25 Matchups[UPDATED], (9.22) EUNE Diamond Senna Top (Free Toplane) Vs Tanks and me, [9.22] Shen TOP /Catch and kill/ road to PLAT GUIDE (in Fle, MordeStar's Ultimate Mordekaiser Top guide! CC her when she activates her Burst of Speed, as it will go on a long cooldown after 3 seconds if she does not get any kills. Praise the Sun! Top. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Fiora in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Aatrox guide with matchups updated every patch. Check your Summoner, Live Spectate and using powerful global League of Legends Statistics! Patch 10.24. 9,779. AATROX TOP S11 BUILD!! Top. [10.14] Michsds`s Riven guide! Temporary invulnerability items may provide an easy way to deal with Fiora's ultimate. Man Tries to Play Urgot, You Won't Believe What Happens Next, Best Kled guide with extra fun builds, match-up tips, Do Not Try My Patience! Mordekaiser Guide for Season 11, Guide to Yasuo (D2 Third Best Yasuo World, 1.7 million point, [Top/Mid/Support] Transcend Imperfection | Kayle, [10.22] Tactician's GRANDMASTER Poppy Guide To TOP!

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