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As Ronan relayed news of Gamora's betrayal to Thanos which had been planned for some time, the Kree berated Thanos for not taking the situation seriously and even murdered The Other when he lectured Ronan on not showing Thanos respect. When Nebula defended him by saying he is not known for lying, Thanos thanked her and expressed regret at treating her too harshly. As he played with a rock, Thanos was confronted by the three Avengers and told them that they could not live with their failure, and thus it brought them back to him. When Loki claimed to not care whether his brother lived or died, Thanos proceeded to brutally torture Thor with the Power Stone while Loki looked on. [2], Thanos finally completes the Infinity Gauntlet. Before Thanos could look for where the Time Stone was hidden, he was intercepted by Iron Man, who used his trap to restrain the Infinity Gauntlet. As Thanos looked on, Gamora reacted in horror upon seeing that her sister's cybernetic implants had all been torn out of her body, which had caused Nebula terrible agony. [4], Thanos vows to destroy the known universe. Thanos being forced to make a terrible choice. Thanos cries over having to murder Gamora. [32] Notice of the impending ban made the subreddit's subscribers increase to over 700,000, including both of the Russos who subscribed. Giving in, Gamora told Thanos the stone was on Vormir, which then caused him to stop torturing Nebula as he demanded that Gamora also come with him to find the Stone. Team Thor (drawing) Thanos himself claimed that when it came to the planets he conquered and slaughtered, it was never "personal," but due to the Avengers and Earth's heroes constantly frustrating his plans, he viewed the Avengers as "unruly wretches" for daring to challenge him and by extension, he came to see Earth as "stubborn and annoying" and that he would enjoy tearing Earth apart. However, he ultimately failed to see how much like how his other self had carefully planned, and it was due to the Avengers rushing to stop him that the sides had now changed; it was the Avengers who were prepared this time, and Thanos was now the one who was rushing to stop them. To the horror of Scarlet Witch, Thanos then activated the Time Stone and aimed the gauntlet at Vision's remains, restoring all the pieces of Vision's shattered vibranium body and returning him into life, along with the Mind Stone. "[12] Joe Russo stated that after Thanos was successful in Avengers: Infinity War, he is now "done. During the battle, Thanos threw his Double-Edged Sword at Black Panther, in an attempt to take the Gauntlet away from him, managing to knock him down. In a huge streak of light, Captain Marvel arrived from space and destroyed the Sanctuary II with little effort, as a bewildered Thanos looked upon the destruction in shock. With Iron Man lying dazed on the ground, Thanos then ripped his trap from his Gauntlet, which had allowed him to gain access to the power of the Infinity Stones again. [17] The company created a new facial capture application called Masquerade, based on the concept of machine learning through computer algorithms, specifically for the film, beginning work on the system 3–4 months before filming began to develop and test it. However, before being killed as well, Heimdall is able to send the Hulk to Earth to warn its heroes about Thanos, who then destroys the ship, leaving any survivors, including Thor, to die. With this level of power, Thanos was almost invincible, to the point that the only way to subdue him was for the gauntlet to be removed, which would take away his powers or if a sufficiently powerful being wielding a sufficiently powerful weapon were to surprise Thanos, as Thor wielding the Stormbreaker managed to injure Thanos with Thanos himself admitting that Thor may have killed him had he aimed for Thanos' head. Having gained two of the Infinity Stones, Thanos then instructed the Black Order to travel down to the Earth to locate both the Mind and Time Stones and return them to him. Thanos broke Nebula free from her restraints on her neck and noted that he understands it was not her. While the Avengers are initially distrustful, Nebula assures them that Thanos, albeit many things, is not a liar. Thanos revealing the past beauty of Titan. With little left between Thanos and the Stone, Groot tried to trap him with his vines, but Thanos simply tore these apart. As Rocket Raccoon turned the charred Infinity Gauntlet over, the team saw that the Infinity Stones were gone. After the community agreed to the measure, the moderators approached Reddit's administrators to see if the mass ban would even be possible. Despite Gamora's claims, however, Thanos revealed that he was aware that Gamora had lied to him by showing a video recording inside Nebula's system. However, in the alternative 2014, Thanos was alerted to the events of the Infinity War by a time-traveled Nebula, resulting in him traveling to 2023 and laying siege on the Avengers, as he had just decided to instead wipe out the entire universe and replace it out of revenge for their efforts to stop him. Unwilling to give up his quest for balance, a heartbroken Thanos reluctantly throws Gamora to her death and claims the Soul Stone. "[8], Avengers: Infinity War (2018) went through numerous story iterations, and over the course of development Thanos' presence in the film grew. As such, he stated that the Zehoberei did not suffer from environmental hazards, global hunger, or any other form of violence anymore, due to him killing off half of their population. As the meteors continued raining down upon them, Thanos was confronted again by Doctor Strange, who floated down with the Cloak of Levitation and looked Thanos straight in the eye. Thanos is a fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. [23] Todd McCarthy echoed this sentiment, saying "Brolin's calm, considered reading of the character bestows this conquering beast with an unexpectedly resonant emotional dimension, making him much more than a thick stick figure of a supervillain"[24] Writing for IGN, Scott Collua pointed out that audiences "understand his perspective and believe his pain", making the antagonist surprisingly sympathetic. By the time the past Nebula arrived on Earth in 2023, the Nano Gauntlet had been constructed by the Avengers, with Hulk using it to reverse the effects of the Snap, thus bringing back all those who had died originally at the end of the Infinity War. [2] Thanos began hunting down for the Infinity Stones himself, as he believed himself to be the only being capable of completing the task while smiling confidently to himself. Thanos breaking apart the Eye of Agamotto, Ending the duel, Thanos pulled Strange to his hand before he could react, tightening his grip around Strange's throat. Titan Physiology: Thanos possessed much of the same physical constitution and abilities from his extinct species. As Captain Marvel began to send the Infinity Stones back into the Quantum Tunnel, Thanos confronted her for an attack. Date of Death Thanos is the main antagonist of The Infinity Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite being pushed back several feet by that blast, Iron Man was unharmed and was able to charge back into the fight. As it soon became clear he wasn't overpowering her, Thanos attempted to headbutt Captain Marvel but the attack did little effect and Thanos was soon forced on his knees as Captain Marvel attempted to take off the Gauntlet. However, Thanos had swiftly composed himself and overwhelmed them, managing to land a heavy blow against Drax and blocking Strange's attack and then angrily kicking him away. Although he did destroy the Infinity Stones to prevent any chances from undoing his actions, with his victory seemingly ultimately fully secured, despite knowing fully well his surviving enemies would come for him to get revenge, Thanos did not attempt to avert what he knew would be his death by their hands, not bothering to create defenses or even fighting back at all, and allowed himself to be at their mercy and accepted his fate with dignity. Thanos torturing Nebula in front of Gamora. Upon getting these orders, Nebula bowed before Thanos with her Electroshock Batons, vowing that she would not fail her father, to which Thanos had noted that he knew she would not, while Gamora rolled her eyes at her sister's attempts to appease their father. Three weeks after the incident, knowing that he would be tempted into a lust for power and acknowledging that the Avengers would likely target them, Thanos utilized the Infinity Stones a final time to reduce them to the atomic level with their own energies, essentially destroying them and eliminating any possibility from reversing the damage he did, which caused grievous wounds and scars on his body, mainly those parts nearest to the Infinity Gauntlet, which was further damaged by the stones' destruction as well. Despite Thanos' ruthlessness during the early days of his conquest, he was not without compassion, especially when it came to children. However, this only enraged Thanos as he used the Power Stone to destroy that debris and turned them all into an endless swarm of furious bats with the Reality Stone. Thanos went as far as to say that while Thanos turned her into the warrior she is now, he never taught her to lie and thus she was never a good liar. Thanos (2010 Marvel Animated Universe) Thanos (Marvel) Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Thanosi Thanos pursued Hawkeye until he passed the Gauntlet to Black Panther. However, Thanos was too late as Scarlet Witch overloaded the Stone, causing it as well as Vision to be destroyed. While Thanos continued using the gauntlet to deflect all of Iron Man's repulsor beams, he soon got close enough to Iron Man to punch off his helmet, with little of his armor now remaining to protect him from another hit. Having become freed from his trance and furious over almost being defeated, Thanos brutally attacked the group, grabbing the gauntlet just before Spider-Man took it off his hand and throwing Mantis to the ground with Spider-Man only narrowly being able to save her. Thanos threatened Ronan the Accuser that he would bathe the starways in his blood if he failed to deliver the Orb, visibly terrifying Ronan. Having manifested the Time Stone into his hand, Strange regretfully considered his decision to go against his vow as one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts before he finally allowed it float towards Thanos, much to the horror of Stark. Eventually, upon acquiring all six stones, Thanos became the most powerful being in the universe while gaining absolute control over the entire fabric of existence and also able to do almost anything he desired, to the point that even with a severe injury, he killed off half of life within the universe by just snapping his fingers. Thanos then watched on as Gamora fell to her knees, weeping over the seeming demise of her only father figure, until his voice spoke through the emptiness, questioning if he could sense sadness within her. Owen Gleiberman of Variety called Brolin's performance "supremely effective" and said, "Brolin infuses Thanos with his slit-eyed manipulative glower, so that the evil in this movie never feels less than personal". When Nebula told Gamora that she planned to kill Thanos, Gamora stated that she didn't know if it was possible. Thanos Thanos looked upon his adoptive children and his alien army dying in front of his eyes, leading to him to look at Captain America one last time, much to his horror and sadness. With all six of the Infinity Stones, Thanos placed the Mind Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet. Enduring her attacks, Thanos picked up his Double-Edged Sword and began countering, deflecting her energy blasts and exchanging blows in close-combat. Commenting to Gamora that he was disappointed not because she did not find the location of the Soul Stone, but that she did and lied about it, Thanos then took Gamora to reveal that Nebula has been captured due to her attempt to assassinate him, noting that she had come close to succeeding. Thanos argues about his plan for the universe. However, Thanos' warnings were proven right, as Titan was subsequently devastated over the decades as well as rendered nearly uninhabitable, as Thanos' own race was reduced to extinction, leaving only Thanos remaining. (mentioned) However, while Thanos proclaimed his new intentions, he was unaware that 2014 Nebula had recovered the Nano Gauntlet from Hawkeye, only to be killed by her future self. Hence, to save other planets from Titan's fate, Thanos used his uncanny skills to amass resources and became a world-conqueror, moving throughout the universe and destroying half of all life on the planets he conquered due to his ideology of balancing the universe. Thanos then instructed Nebula to take up Gamora's place.[1]. Taking advantage of the Destruction of Asgard and Avengers Civil War, Thanos began a bloody campaign to retrieve the Infinity Stones and gather them into his Infinity … As a result of Titan's fall and the circumstances surrounding it, Thanos came to believe that the universe's vast swell of life was depleting its finite resources, and would eventually destroy the universe itself. Thanos avoids Doctor Strange's magic attack. Thanos was somewhat delusional, believing the universe would be grateful for having people they care about killed, even if they would have more for themselves; such as food. Thanos and the Black Order teleported away, As Loki's corpse went limp in his hands, Thanos heard Thor cry out in pain and grief upon watching his brother's death. Thanos viciously attempts to kill off Thor. Thanos found that Scarlet Witch's power, which also came from the Infinity Stones, harder to get through, as he pushed with all his might to get to her. Thanos teleported away with Gamora, after taking a liking for Star-Lord, as he proved himself while returning Drax and Mantis back to their normal selves. His power was so great that, even while considerably injured, he still was capable of wiping out half of the universe with a simple snap of his fingers. However, Thanos suspected that something was wrong and witnessed Loki attempting to plunge his dagger into his throat, as Thanos was able to use the Space Stone to freeze Loki in place just inches away, mocking Loki's vow of undying fidelity. Hoping to also trap Thanos within the Dimension so that he could not be any harm to the outside world, Strange then launched the Dimension straight towards him. Thanos was then blasted by lighting and pinned on the ground, causing a second wave of attack. Not knowing what his future self did to Vision, Thanos callously, yet veraciously, said he did not even know her and proceeded to cut down a couple of large rubble thrown against him through Scarlet Witch's telekinetic powers but was soon knocked down by Scarlet Witch's rapidly fired energy blasts and disarmed. Thanos took the young Gamora aside and offered her a switchblade to admire, showing Gamora how the blade was perfectly balanced, as he believed life should be. Thanos phases right through the Hulkbuster. While they were doing that, Thanos picked out a few fruits from his crops on his farmland to prepare for his stew. With Iron Man defeated, Thanos was kicked by Captain America in the face and responded with a powerful punch that threw him through stones and away from the battle while he was protecting himself with his Shield. Thanos and Gamora are greeted by Red Skull. Affiliation While Wanda Maximoff manages to hold off Thanos long enough to destroy the stone, killing Vision in the process, the Mad Titan uses the Time Stone to rewind time, reviving Vision in order to claim the Mind Stone. Thanos takes possession of the Time Stone. After helplessly watching his army turn to dust before his eyes, Thanos silently accepts his fate as he also turns to dust, marking his final defeat. Title(s) Thanos witnesses his future-self's success. He did not go back on the end of the deal he made with others and would honor them even when angered, as he was still willing to destroy Xandar for Ronan should he retrieve the Orb even though he was angry at Ronan for coming to him empty-handed and alienating Gamora. Returning to the battle, Iron Man caused a massive explosion around Thanos by shooting missiles from his Mark L Armor, although Thanos had once again remained uninjured and just simply used the Infinity Gauntlet to absorb and blast all the flames back at him. Just as Thanos' army of Outriders, Chitauri, Sakaarans, and the Black Order arrived on the planet, he witnessed Captain America getting up and planning to take them on. Not only that, but he did make an effort to keep the casualty count to an absolute minimum during his quest for the Infinity Stones and let the Snap handle killing half of all sentient life. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Guardians of the Galaxy (film) Characters, Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel Infinite Comic, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. During his mission, both Thanos and his Black Order invaded multiple planets and slaughtered thousands to gain the stones, including Loki and the Asgardians. Thanos was once again attacked by Spider-Man who tried to steal the Gauntlet, but Thanos easily broke out of his webbing and then used that to pull Spider-Man towards him, before ruthlessly striking him in the face. Thanos then looked up at the sky to see a bright light crash though his hut; he then blocked the energy beam with his worn-out Infinity Gauntlet. This incident has burdened Thanos with immense regrets and remorse as he confessed to Gamora that he had ignored the inevitable extinction of his people once when he could have saved them by being more forceful and resolved in carrying out the genocide against his people's wishes. This quest even forced Thanos to sacrifice his beloved Gamora, in order to take the Soul Stone. In a last-ditch effort to stop them, Thanos threw his sword at the time machine, causing it to explode right before Captain Marvel could send the stones back. The energy surged from the Gauntlet, which then caused the blinding light flooding the battlefield as Thanos briefly passed out. However, before this could kill him, Strange managed to use his own powers to summon up the Mirror Dimension to absorb the blast. With both Captain America and Black Panther charging towards him, Thanos used the Power Stone to send Captain America flying back, before grabbing ahold of Black Panther by the throat, punching him down to the ground. Two years later, in 2014, Thanos turns his attention to the Power Stone, stored inside an Orb on the planet Morag. Indeed, he kept his intent to make his genocide as random and dispassionate as he intended, resulting in the survival of several members of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy who had done everything they could to stop him. Comic "[9] In one draft, the film was told directly from Thanos' perspective with him serving as narrator. The pair arrive on Vormir, where the stone's guardian, the Red Skull, informs them that they have to sacrifice something they love in order to claim it. Thanos threatens Ronan the Accuser's life. [16], Digital Domain worked on creating Thanos for Infinity War and Endgame, producing over 400 visual effects shots. Thanos gleefully choking Loki to his death. Standing over Loki with Thor down on his knees, Thanos demanded that Loki hand over the Tesseract to him in exchange for his brother's life. After reviewing the Avengers' ambush on his future self, Thanos noted to Gamora that he had already won his quest in collecting the Stones and executing his plan to balance the universe. I love his power. Like the best villains in media, Thanos sees himself as a hero. As a result of Thanos' disregard for her, Nebula was forced to amputate her own arm to escape. Thanos then revealed himself and boasting that while the reality is often unpleasant, while also revealing the true burning wreckage of Knowhere, noting that using the Reality Stone, he could make reality to be whatever he wanted. However, despite facing off against the powerfully combined opposition and the wrath of Thor, Thanos still ultimately triumphed as he completed the Infinity Gauntlet, using it to finally complete his goal and had caused the Snap, which resulted in half of all life in the universe being wiped out at the snap from his fingers. With the fifth stone in the Gauntlet, Thanos had only the Mind Stone left to collect before he finally had the power to complete his ultimate goal. Thanos demanding the Soul Stone's location, Thanos tortured Nebula even further, long enough for Gamora to feel remorse for all her pain, as Nebula screamed in endless agony as her cybernetic implants were torn further from her, all while Thanos had continued furiously demanding that Gamora finally reveal where the Soul Stone could be found. Declaring that he should have chosen his words more wisely, Thanos proceeded to lift the God of Mischief by his throat as Loki desperately attempted to break free, while gasping for air. Thanos is repeatedly attacked by Spider-Man. Upon hearing his plans, Captain America told Thanos that his universe would be born out of blood, but Thanos retorted that the new populace of the universe would never know of this because he would make sure that he killed all the Avengers. Thanos made it his mission to acquire these stones, first by proxy. TV series The others are, The name "Thanos" is based on the name of the mythological Greek figure. Thanos then took Corvus Glaive's blade and proceeded to stab Heimdall through the heart, killing him while Thor screamed in grief and rage, threatening to kill Thanos until Maw silenced Thor by wrapping his mouth with metal. When Black Widow asked again where the Infinity Stones were, Thanos revealed that they were gone and reduced to atoms. Thanos forged alliances with Loki, and Ronan the Accuser, in order to track down some of the Stones: However, both alliances cost Thanos much of his resources, including the Mind Stone and the loyalty of his daughters, Gamora and Nebula. Surprised and touched, Thanos confirmed this by thanking Nebula, finally admitting that perhaps he treated her too harshly. However, Thanos remained completely uninjured and simply conjured his portal using the Space Stone and departed from Titan, intending to go to Earth and collect the final Infinity Stone, leaving all of the heroes behind, feeling utterly defeated by him. He also retained his propensity for delegation, having Nebula bring the Nano Gauntlet to him which was in contrast to his 2018 self retrieving the Stones himself. Thanos watched tensely as all of his opposers came to challenge him and when Captain America commanded them to assemble, Thanos responded by raising his sword to command his army, starting the battle. Thanos attempts to comfort the Scarlet Witch. [2], Thanos brutally interrogating the Collector. Thanos looked Loki straight in the eye before turning to Thor, who watched on in horror as his brother was unable to free himself. Thanos then waited for the Guardians to arrive, conjuring the illusion that Knowhere was not engulfed in flames as they had attempted to launch a surprise attack on Thanos. Thor then took hold of Thanos' head, and reminded him of his promise that he would kill Thanos for murdering Heimdall and Loki, and thousands of Asgardians on the Statesman, furiously forcing the axe blade deeper into Thanos' chest which caused him to roar in pain. Thanos crushing the Tesseract in his hand, Thanos holds the Power Stone in his hands. His homeworld, Titan was a civilization just like Earth. [2], Thanos finally stepping foot onto Wakanda. While the Red Skull continued telling his story, he simply explained that the Tesseract had banished him to Vormir to protect the Soul Stone, before he showed Thanos and Gamora to the end of the high up mountain edge. Black Order The character possesses abilities common to the Eternals, and is able to demonstrate enormous superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and invulnerability among other qualities. Thanos closely gives Nebula a second chance. Fed up with all his subordinates' ongoing failures, Thanos then forced Eitri to create the Infinity Gauntlet for him, while Thanos had opted to seek out the location of the six Infinity Stones himself. While Thanos was choked by Captain Marvel's grasp, Bruce Banner in the Mark XLVIII armor burst out from the floor of his campfire and furiously grabbed his arm. However, he did it for drastic and evil desires, even … When Thanos and another one of his children, Ebony Maw, were killing half of the Zehoberei people to balance Zen-Whoberi, Thanos' attention was instead caught by a young Zehoberei named Gamora, who had bravely been pushing back against one of his Chitauri soldiers. Titan Following a fight with the trio, Thanos summons his army, just as a recently revived Doctor Strange arrives with other sorcerers, the restored Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ravagers, and the armies of Wakanda and Asgard to combat him. He gave her food and remained patient and appealing despite Gamora's anger, and rather than torturing her for the location of the Soul Stone, he instead had Nebula tortured to make Gamora tell him. As Vision's lifeless body turned grey, Thanos threw him aside and admired the Mind Stone in his hand. [34], A popular tongue-in-cheek fan theory regarding Thanos' defeat in Avengers: Endgame before the film's release claimed that Thanos would be killed by Ant-Man entering his anus and then expanding himself, blowing off Thanos' body (jokingly referred to by the portmanteau "Thanus"). However, past Nebula used the time machine to transport Thanos and his fleet from 2014 to the present day. Thanos then noted that he had once been so confident in her abilities that he even send her to locate the Soul Stone, which she sarcastically apologized for failing to do for him, which Thanos had already deduced to be a lie. . As the guardian of the Soul Stone explained to Thanos that obtaining the Stone required a sacrifice of a loved one, ensuring that whoever held it would understand the stone's true power, summing this up by explaining that a soul must be given to obtaining the power of the souls.

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