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It was really a trip, and shame on the people who were talking during these moments as they were great to listen to. The entire show was fantastic. Not finding mainstream success, Journey decided they needed to find a strong vocalist, employing Steve Perry for the role. All in all, a good show to go see with friends. That guy Ariel Pineda sounds exactly like Steven Perry and he is full of energy in the stage. I attended the Journey concert at the Minnesota State Fair on Labor Day 2014. Their sound was as crisp as their recordings. He appreciated how much the crowd got into the songs and promised to return to the Twin Cities. 2 and spawning several successful singles; it broadened the band's appeal in the United Kingdom, where it reached No. For extra fun, they "exploded" funfetti everywhere at the end of their show! Journey is an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1973 by former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. Needless to say, how pleaseanty surprised I was to find myself up dancing and belting the lyrics to songs I had never heard before (you can be sure that when Don't Stop and Anyway You Want It came on I was the loudest one there). Some people miss Steve Perry, but Arnel Pineda is an Energizer Bunny with cocaine for batteries while he's on stage! Perry returned to Journey for 1986's "Raised on Radio," however the band disbanded shortly after. DAMN, you rock! 1 on the Billboard 200 and yielded another of their most popular singles, "Open Arms". Journey was amazing! I’ll be there! Firstly, it was nice to hear some of their new songs like "Ritual" from Eclipse and "Faith in the Heartland" from Generations, all the more so as the economy is not very good and many times the Midwest is considered flyover country by the coastal states. You won;t get to see stars like Neal Schon play forever, and the man is still at the top of his game. Sales have resulted in two gold albums, eight mult, tour dates, The band has a great amount of energy and the crowd responded in kind, singing along to the songs and cheering like crazy. Its parent studio album, Escape, the band's eighth and most successful, reached No. I'm loving these super-group mash-ups of recent years and this one did not disappoint me. In short, if you are, or have ever been a Journey fan, they will not disappoint. This year Christmas Spirit is running low, so during test flights Santa’s sleigh had to make an emergency landing at Fairplex in Pomona. You’ll hear the classics for sure (Don’t Stop Believin’ was really special as the crowd really got loud when singing along to that) and that was really fun to hear, but there were some unexpected surprises as well. Unfortunately this experience overshadowed the otherwise fantastic concert. May 04, 2020 - Journey 2020 Tour Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Pandemic. Former Santana member, Gregg Rolie (keyboards, vocals) joined shortly after. I just wish they'd include Steve Perry even if he was used as a background singer or just banged on a tamborine. Upon leaving the north we head to Herod’s hotel at the Dead Sea for 1 night, and then we Journey to Jerusalem where we spend 4 nights in the Dan Panorama. Jonathan Cain is a very talented man, as he is not only a great piano player, but can play the guitar and provide vocals as well. Get ready for an all-new, one-of-a-kind immersive experience with The Elf on the Shelf’s Magical Holiday Journey, all from the safety of your own car! Journey is one of those bands that has such polished musically talent that they make the experience of attending a live concert unforgettable. I really enjoy the new album Eclipse, and it wasn’t hard for me to enjoy Pineda as these are his songs to sing and his voice is incredible. You can find the list of Journey tour dates here. Neil Schon did an amazing job! Journey concert tickets are on sale. This song is very difficult as the key is very high and requires a great amount of power and range to express the powerful lyrics. Journey concert tickets are on sale. That's what should happen at one of their shows. The band truly rocked the house. It hadn't been 30 seconds after we figured out where there were two open seats when Journey opened their set with "Anyway You Want It" to the roar of the 3,000+ fans in attendance. They just Came out and nailed it. People are getting a real treat that get to see them! 1,054,002 fans get concert alerts for this artist. I think the show should be enjoyed by everyone who purchases a ticket and not by the few who think they are having a private concert just for them. Saw them in Calgary in 2012 and Arnel had a flu and wasn't even close to top form and the rest of the band had to give him breaks because he was so sick. If you don't have tickets to an up coming show or if you have already seen one of their shows, you should get tickets NOW. concert dates, Overall it was a spectacular show though, I'd see them again without question because of it. Guitarist Neal Schon sealed the deal for me with his precise, piercing riffs as the band rocked the crowd with intense energy that the crowd responded to all night. Seen them in early 80's still a show stopper! You should sit in it, especially if it is interfering with other people's view. Journey sold millions of copies of "Escape," topping the charts internationally. During the first few songs it seemed his voice was drowned out by the music, but the remainder of the concert you could hear him better. I have seen video footage with the new singer and am amazed at how much his voice resembles Steve Perry, it must have been hard to fill his shoes. The energy transfers to the audience and his enthusiasm extends to the end of the amphitheater. JOURNEY!!!! Journey with Steve Perry was the very first rock band I truly was enamored with. The synchronized lighting system that rhythmically danced with the music for almost every beat contributed to those on the main floor dancing, singing and waving their arms for the entire show while even spectators like us on the risers couldn't help but be out of our seats grooving all night long. There was a handicapped women sitting next to us who was unable to stand and the people in front of us refused to sit after multiple times of asking them. After all, the ticket you purchase is for the seat. Sept. 2: Bikini Kill rescheduled the 2021 tour of North America for Sept. 2 through Nov. 20. Neil was incredible as any fan would expect. The band has gone through several phases; its strongest commercial success occurred between 1978 and 1987, after which it temporarily disbanded. One of my dreams came true in Vegas. Journey is an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1973 by former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. Neil Schon is also amazing as his guitar work is legendary. The band was set to embark on a lengthy North American run … I was not expecting the drummer to sing, but it was an unexpected surprise. The Foreigner and Journey Tour has ended, but each classic rock icon is back on their own … This year, I was more accustomed to Pineda and was determined to enjoy myself, and did I ever! In an age where most “artists” can’t sing a lick without the aid of Autotune, every one of the band members can sing in addition to playing instruments. Not this time. I do want to commend the sound crew for the "Journey" set because it was one of the most expert and satisfying live mixes and exhibited real genius in the EQ, and overall artistic treatment. He nailed it! I thought nothing could be more exciting than sneaking through a basement window of a university auditorium to see one of the premiere classic rock bands of all-time. Epic level concert and magnificent drum solo and showmanship. The lyrics resonate, the music simply thrills. Neal & Jonathan can still rock! The show last night in Louisville was as good as ever. The Journey show is Syracuse NY on August 28 was absolutely fantastic. Journey Tour 2021:Journey concert tickets are on sale. Like the rest of this world and probably a few more, I have that love hate relationship with Journey's mega hit, sing alongs, and was not too excited to be going to see them. This time everyone was at their best and it was truly a great show. concerts, Struggling to find a vocalist who could front Journey, they trialled Jeff Scott Soto before finding Arnel Pineda, a Filipino vocalist who they had discovered on Youtube. "Evolution" and "Departure" continued this success yet it was with "Escape" that they had created a real hit, featuring three Top Ten singles, "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believing" and "Open Arms." It wasn't a gig that I had planned on going to, but the experience was just phenomenal. Perry continued his solo recordings whilst Schon and Cain formed Bad English and created the hit single, "When I See You Smile." As such, Journey to me means Steve Perry and the first time I saw them in concert last year was with Arnel Pineda and hearing him sing the songs that Perry largely wrote and performed was disorienting. I've always stayed faithful to Journey. Their initial offerings were moderately successful jazz-rock records, that frequently broke out into instrumental experimentations. Dean is a monster on the drums, Jonathan is just so smooth, Ross was as his usual entertaining the crowd with his facial Expressions and Arnel has certainly found a comfort zone and without question is a focal point of the band. When 'Don't Stop Believing' started you could hardly hear the back due to the crowd signing along. He has a tremendous amount of energy, range, and is very kind and humble and still looks amazed that he is leading a band like Journey. They did not take the crowd for granted. The balance of the band and vocals complimented eachother well, with neither overpowering the other, making for a great sound in the massive venue, which had great acoustics. Thank you Journey, for allowing me to "Escape " just for a moment. In recent years I've noticed ( to my disappointment ) more events with inept live sound due to the apparent lack of talent or concern amongst our live-sound mixing communities. Such a fun night, I would definitely go again, and can say from experience that it really doesn't matter whether you know the music well or not to have a blast! Arnel Pineda is made for Journey. I would like to go see them again. Great vocals, band, performance, and tracks. The drummer, Dean Castronovo (a newcomer to the band in 2001) sang the lead vocals for “Mother, Father” while playing drums at the same time. Die Mitglieder der Band sind Ross Valory, Arnel Pineda, Deen Castronovo, Neal Schon und Jonathan Cain. During that period, the band released a series of hit songs, including 1981's "Don't Stop Believin'", which became in 2009 the top-selling catalog track in iTunes history. Doobie Brothers had me dancing and singing. Guitar solos to rival the best like joe perry and so on. Sie wurden in 1973 geboren. This was my second show this year and I would travel again to see them. I attended my very first Journey concert last night. Even if you don't know the back catalogue of their music, the great 80s vibe is perfect for dancing alone, and the catchy hooks have you singing along before too long, which is what I found myself doing!

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