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Whenever someone asks my name and I tell them, they always say "That's a pretty name!" Hallie is another baby name that has been all over the place in terms of popularity. You can also choose to either pronounce it with a short e (i.e. 08-24-2020, 09:07 AM . eagle). And while they can be, they are also said to be deeply reflective, versatile and eager to explore any new opportunity. It’s a 1,584-point increase from last year, so anything can still happen next year, especially since after a couple of huge increases, names tend to drop dramatically in popularity. Sadly, many moms are striking the Emma off their list of potential baby names. Although it’s a popular name, there are many that actually don’t believe it should be a name at all because it means “mine” in Italian. Going even further down the popularity chart, Emmi is at #2,500, with a 1,200 drop since last year. As you can imagine, the name Maya holds a great deal of significance and a number of different meanings. That could still be too popular for many parents, but take note that its popularity is currently waning and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it drops even more in the upcoming years. For some people (aka me), it’s more than a drink. In fact, Aimee is considered to be the French way of spelling Amy. If you go with this name, it’s true that many people might mistakenly write it with an A on forms, but that’s nothing to be concerned about if you love the name. Looking for a name that starts with E but would rather stay away from Emma? A name that means “clear” and “bright”, Clara is a wonderful baby name to pick instead of Emma. And I have to say MEE-a is the right way to pronounce it. Little girls with the name Hallie can appear shy but will burst with personality as soon as you befriend them. It started being used as a name of its own in the 1960’s and has experienced a very roller-coaster kind of trend in terms of popularity. My name is pronounced Lay-na, but people always say Lee-na or Leh-na.”. Or "that's beautiful." A blooming flower, a bright and shining colour, lofty. It’s true that name meanings don’t always mean anything, just like horoscopes, but it’s still fun to dream and wonder what our little ones might be like! Just three letters long, Mia is another name that holds a ton of power and significance. You can expect your little one to have a huge thirst for exploring the world, striving for experiences, rather than material wealth. Maya means “generous in Old Persian, “spring” or “brook” in Hebrew, “love” in Nepali, “illusion” in Sanskrit, and the alternative spelling Maia means “courage” in Māori. To get back to Emmalyne though, little girls with the name Emmalyne are said to be very inquisitive, wise and love to be with people. Jack Hodgins The alternate spelling Everly is actually more popular and is currently in the 86th most popular spot, but Everleigh is 432nd on the list. 0 0. Girls with the name Aimee are said be bold and independent. Guaranter, Rich, healthy, leader, ruler,The leader. You could perhaps slap on a “é“ to make it more unique : Aimée. Then consider Everleigh! Rather, it’s a playful mix of the two and makes for a very unique name. Reply Quote. If you’re still worried about too many people thinking that you named your little one after the character in Frozen, then you can actually view the association as a good thing, like this user did: “I have Loved the name Elsa since I was a little girl. Emmalyne now sits at the 13,891th spot, which is far enough down the list that you can be sure your little one will likely be the only one in her class with the name. Emma and Jannie pretend play as a teacher because that’s what they want to do when they grow up! They are also very hard-working and family-oriented individual. Hoot hoot we have an international store. Zaaki is an Arabic name for boys that means one who increases in growth and goodness, virtuous, blessed. As far as name popularity goes, Emmy is the most popular name spelling, sitting at #455. Read the story. For anyone absolutely in love with Emma but reluctant to pick it because it’s the most popular name right now, then Gemma can certainly be a great alternative. Most would probably be quick to associate it with a little boy’s name first, but more and more it’s a name that is being given to little girls. What is Emma’s last name or does anyone know what state or city she resides in? Salinger. Bryce & Kayla Harper Have Welcomed Their Second Child: A Girl! It’s very close to Emma, but is much farther on the popularity list. It is a perfect girl's name; very feminine and gentle sounding.”. You can be sure that they will make the right decision for them and they will be free of worry or uncertainty about it. So, My 3rd born daughters name is Elsa. The Claras of the world are said to be able to expand in any direction and accomplish any dream that they set their mind to. Emma is the 86 th most popular name of all time.In 2018 Emma was the 1 st most popular name.As a last name Emma was the 22,592 nd most popular name in 2010.; How many people with the first name Emma have been born in the United States? But spellings don't always follow the rules. Whether you spell it “Esme”, “Esmé” or “Esmée”, this name is derived from the old French word esmé, meaning “loved”. In "The Life in the Light" it was revealed that her actual name, as displayed on her passport, is Pooky (or Pookie) Noodlin. Little girls with the name Lila are also said to be deeply intuitive, wise and very people-oriented. If you would rather stray away from any possible associations to her, then there is also the option of changing the C for a K and making the name Kara instead, which is equally as pretty. Zaatar is an Arabic name for boys that refers to a type of herb used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Zabi or Dhabi is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means gazelle, antelope. If you name your little girl Clara, there is a good chance that she will be a savvy businesswoman who will achieve great material wealth. Sadly, many moms are striking the Emma off their list of potential baby names. Love the names Emma and Evelyn, but want something a little less popular? The name Emmalyne has actually suffered a 9,303-point loss on the popularity scale, but what’s one man’s loss is another man’s gain, right? 8 Tips To Know You're Buying Safe Toys For Your Toddler This Christmas, ‘Bachelor' Alum Krystal Nielson Reveals Sex Of Her First Child, Scheana Shay Reveals How Much Weight She’s Gained During Pregnancy, 18 Hilarious Photos Of Babies & Toddlers Meeting Santa Claus For The First Time, 10 Ideas for Non-Christmas Themed Winter Family Photos, 7 Boy Names Inspired By Christmas: Christian, Gabriel, Eldan & Others, Fun Games To Get Your Fussy Toddler Excited About Brushing Their Teeth, This Fertility Treatment Is Boosting Live Births After Breast Cancer, Pre-Workout Stretches To Try During The Postpartum Period To Get Toned, Charlotte Dawson's Battle With Gestational Diabetes In Third Trimester Is Overtaking Her, Awaken Christmas: The Best Holiday Family Pajama Sets Of 2020, Mandy Moore On Pregnancy Symptoms: I'm 'Sick All Day', Pregnancy Can Reduce A Mom's Risk Of Developing Cancer: Here's How. Note: Please note that SearchTruth.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings of names listed on this site. It’s a way to share moments. I love it. Although family is everything for Esmés, they nonetheless value freedom and prefer setting their own rules. Coffee. “My name is Lyla, but spelt "Lyla." This next name is actually quite ambiguous as it can swing for either a boy or a girl. In commenting on the name, one mama shared: “Mia is simply cute. Emersons are quick learners that do their best in an authoritative position – think CEO of a major company or leading a research team to cure cancer! For this reason we would advise you consult a local Imam for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. This is my coffee. After spending decades being a nickname for “Mildred”, “Camilia” or “Amelia”, Millie is now a name of its own. It can still happen with the name Emma, but there is still something to be said about how it’s in the #1 spot right now and likely will continue to be a top name in 2018. Just four letters long, Emma is a baby name that is on every expectant mom’s mind and with good reason – it is both elegant beautiful! Rather than blindly following someone else’s initiative, they’re more likely to be the ones spearheading the plans. Up until very recently, Evie was just a nickname for another name like Evelyn, but an increasing number of parents are now attributing this adorable name as a name of its own. With that being said, it’s now in the 919th spot but it’s on the decline once again. If popularity is a factor though, you are better off sticking with Cara, which is currently #548. It was #2,949 in 2009, only to then drop to #3,708 in 2010, go up to #2,811 in 2011 and then drop back to #3,708 in 2015. One might be quick to assume that with a name like that, the Embers of the world would be fiery. Alia is currently 391st on the most popular list. Although it’s just four letters, this short name also has a number of significances depending on the culture. Then Emelia is worth considering. She loves telling jokes, even if no one else gets them. The 6 Craziest Things Moms Have Caught Their Toddlers Doing, Loving The Name Emma, Will Make People Love These 25 Baby Names, 5 Tips For Throwing A Socially-Distant 'Sip And See' Party, Nicki Minaj Says She Drank For The First Time On Thanksgiving Since Giving Birth. I never found it so special myself, but apparently, everyone likes it.”. The name of the city and state of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates comes from this word. Add Your Name For Review, We will verify first. She never changed it because her father implored her not to, as the name was very important to him. Although Embrees tend to get bored somewhat easily, they are very adept at making friends and have no problems making big life decisions for themselves. This name also symbolizes strengths and determination. You can be sure that your little Emmalyne will be your bestest best friend when she grows up. Many names are criticized for being too weirdly spelled, but this one is actually pretty cool and a great alternative if you love the name Emma. With that being said, Evie is 173rd on the popularity list. It’s true that Tessa can be a nickname for Theresa, but it doesn’t have to be. As far as name meanings go, Gemmas are said to prefer freedom over responsibility. So if you are absolutely head over heels in love with the name Emma, then keep reading for 25 other baby names that might just suit your little one better. Even to this day, an estimated 7 million Maya people are still living in the Yucatan Peninsula! Caras on the other hand are said to be very bold, highly communicative and aren’t afraid to take risks. The other spelling, Amber, has been popular for decades but Ember is now outweighing it in popularity. Several pieces of information of Emma are revealed in a Twitter Q&A with authors Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu. In Arabic, it means “night”, while in German and in French, it means “lilac”, which is a light purple color. Jannie and Emma pretend play with their kitchen restaurant cooking toys for kids. EDIT. The Millies of the world are set to have a huge adventurous side, which isn’t too surprising given that one of the many meanings of this name is “free-born”. Bonus 15 names: Emanda, Becca, Elle, Lily, Zoe, Isla, Nina, Eliza, Julia, Elmslie, Abby, Cora, Hannah, Leona and Ellie. Both names are also polar opposites in terms of numerology. Both are very pretty though and there are plenty of other combination with or without a dash. Zabir. Then Emmalyne is to the rescue! She has the quirkiest brain: she can imagine and create things no one else can. Just four letters long, Emma is a baby name that is on every expectant mom’s mind and with good reason – it is both elegant beautiful! Those with the name Kara are said to either be extremely lucky in the wealth department or completely unlucky. Thanks to Disney's Frozen with Queen Elsa, Children are learning the name and how to say it.”. Bonus: picking a name is hard, so there are 15 extra names at the end of this article! Gemma is currently #233 on the popularity scale. She can't go anywhere without drawing, painting, or photographing all the beautiful things she sees. Their outgoingness isn’t determined just based on their name’s numerology as what’s important to note here is that Addys are said to be very thoughtful and analytical, rather than impulsive. It’s an impressive feat, but one that is understandable when you consider that it means “whole” or “universal” and that there have been countless celebrities and famous characters in books by this name. She trusts the best in everyone, even if they don't always deserve it. Zabi or Dhabi is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means gazelle, antelope. While Emma is #1, Emelia is #498. Just like Cinderella herself, girls with the name Ella are said to enjoy having the spotlight on them and tend to particularly thrive in careers where they can express themselves creatively. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. In the case of Emma-Lee or Emma-Leigh, you could totally also just make it one longer name: Emmaleigh. For its part, Emmarose has dropped in popularity by a whopping 1,931 spots and is now at #6,519. For Everleigh, I'd do Autumn Reign or Harper Rose. A long time ago, it used to be a shorter version of the name Maria but is now a name of its own. Mister Obvious Forum Administrator . And, ok, sometimes it’s just a way to wake up and get shit done. If you go with Emme, then you might have a little leader on your hands, with a bold attitude and a desire to change the world. Another amazing aspect of any little girl named Clara is that they’re great decision-makers. No need to worry about nicknames either as there are plenty of ways to shorten Evie even more: Eve, Eva or V all make for awesome nicknames. It means “powerful” and “complete” – pretty suiting for the character from Frozen! You can make it: Emma-Lee, Emma-Leigh, Emma-Rose, etc. Little Emmys on the other hand play more of a peacemaker role. That doesn't last long. Interestingly, while Cara means “dear” in Latin, Kara means “pure” in Greek. Posts: 52,006 Threads: 4,272 Joined: May 2016 #16. As they can be highly creative and outgoing, for them the key is to pursue what they are most passionate about, especially if this involves performing in front of an audience. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Keira is also worth considering but it is #254th on the popularity list. Some would say that Lila is short for “Delilah”, but it doesn’t have to be as it is a great name on its own. I love the name Everleigh!”, “Our 4 1/2 month old daughter is Everleigh Skye. Another major reason to choose this name? For its part, Anna has actually been steadily dropping in popularity for a couple of years now. sorry i dont think there is one for emma. If you love the “y” at the end, then keep in mind that its popularity has been dropping. As far as mythology goes, Maya is another name for the Hindu warrior goddess Durga. In the US though, it has ever so slightly been rising in popularity over the last couple of decades and currently holds the 308th spot. Emma is an artist. Forget about Frozen’s Elsa for a moment and truly consider this beautiful name. Girls with the name Mia are said to be very restless and adventurous. Hate how popular the name Emma is? In Hollywood, there are two major Lenas that are worth nothing. The name of the city and state of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates comes from this word. A very colorful story with some fine veteran actors and even (relative) newcomer Tom Payne delivers enough to make it compelling. Esp. One such name is Ember. With regards to personality, there is a good chance that your little Evie won’t shy away from any adventure or new experience. Although they can get bored easily, girls with the name Anna are some of the most fun to be around as they’re highly creative and outgoing. We also can’t forget about the incredible Mayan civilization that spanned southeastern Mexico and northern Central America. Ella actually means “beautiful fairy”, which makes this name that much more special and magical. Girls with the name Tessa are the ultimate best friends. elephant) or a long e (i.e. When you read the name Lila, do you read it as “Lee-la” or “LIE-la”? It’s currently sitting in the 11th spot, but if you love Emma, it’s still a name worth considering. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Take note though that Emmalyn is the most popular out of all the variations down as it has been rising in popularity and now sits at #432. Sources: Sources: BabyCenter.com, SheKnows.com, BehindTheName.com, BabyNameWizard.com and SevenReflections.com. Arabic for rich, whether in wealth or in knowledge and wisdom. Nobody has messed up her name or called her something else. Up to you to decide, but this name is very pretty either way! If you desperately want to stick with the name Emma but just can’t get past the fact that it’s in the #1 popularity spot, then consider attaching another name to it. Sadly, many moms are striking the Emma off their list of potential baby names because it's just so overused. As far as significances go, Addy means “son of Adam” in Hebrew, but that’s certainly one significance that doesn’t mean all too much anymore, especially since in old English, it means “ardent”. But picking a name that is this popular is a tough choice for many expectant parents no matter how much they love it.

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