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We have personally tried and tested over 700 vape products and aim to help you choose the right vape for your needs, whether you are a beginner or looking for a more advanced experience. Ecigclick reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent, excessive or suspicious patterns of voting have occurred, or if it considers there has been any attempt to unfairly influence the voting, or promote, or not discourage fraudulent voting. 9.7. Hi how do I get the finalists artwork for the awards please? They come in 100 mL bottles and include flavor profiles ranging from desserts and fruits to beverages and tobacco. But.. That’s the only option we currently have to keep things fair. Frosted apple watermelon hard candy ejuice infused with berries. Unfortunately, with the nature of online voting people always try and game the system. They offer a great range of e-liquid and starter kits. For me, Edge is the only brand I will use for my vape. As always it takes you, the vaper, to nominate your favourites so thanks to all those that took part in both stages of the awards. The taste of the Drip Hacks is very great, I like it very much. It would be really tuff to try and narrow down their massive list of more than 30,000 flavors although you should probably try to go in with an idea of what you want no matter if that is deserts, tobacco, candy, drinks, nuts, or … Al looks ok our side. Hmmm. Taste is subjective, so defining one e-liquid as being the best over another is not an easy task. A Tantalizing blue raspberry to keep you refreshed any time of year. Stage 2. This may include for example, votes from spambots, programmes designed to specifically vote continuously for one project, or from devices where it is evident that cookies have intentionally been disabled or other attempts have been made to try to vote in a way that is not in line with these terms & conditions. Well done Jamie and you are spot on Happy New Year! every one likes different things and have their favourites, this award is simply that, vote for your favs. Did you nominate Jack? So best menthol Black reloaded 23% 5 mins later 15%…….. mmmmmmmm nothing dodgy there. Black Note Prelude. The liquid won a Spinfuel Choice Award in 2013, and has a 5-star rating from almost 420 reviews on Mister-E-Liquid’s site. Once the above is complete the awards are announced. #JustSaying! Therefore our access to our customers is fairly limited. Unfortunately it means going through pretty much every vote that was cast, in every category. I think Vaping With Vic is the best reviewer of them all bar none. Today, the Spinfuel Choice Award is regarded as one of the top honors an e Liquid company can receive. P.S The campaign was to raise awareness, not to gain incentivised votes. The vast majority of voters are amazing and keep within the spirit of the Ecigclick Awards, I thank you that, but there are always a percentage that don’t. We have only been on the market for a short few months and to have been nominated against some of the biggest names in the industry is insane! Nice to see people are upset with the nominations as usual. :}. Caramel cream twist of golden nectar and a hint of cinnamon. Sign up to the Ecigclick Newsletter – Click Here, Ecigclick Vape Awards 2020 – Live Polls Open – Voted by Vapers, Ecigclick ‘Best Of’ Vape Awards 2015 – Results. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This page details the most quality and best-tasting e-liquid in all the popular categories. As always we do all we can to ensure that any untoward votes are removed. Come on guys let’s stop this pointless bickering and just show support for the vape industry, I’d love to see cider farms win the best beverage category as drip hacks to me is a DIY brand and should only be in the DIY category, Completely agree with the comment about vaping vinny the fella hasn’t a clue even how to calculate voltage drop or battery sag or what either one is even when told he’s wrong with proof he still carries on showing people sag as voltage drop half of the groups up for vote shouldn’t be in here or half the hardware truly atrocious choices. TBVC - Purple Mangosteen - (Disqualified - Giveaway with VapeDirect) - Sorry guys but T&C's state no kind of promotion for votes - Asking to share the FB post that asks for votes for TBVC Purple Mangosteen as a requirement to enter falls under promotion/incentive. Thanks so much for the nominations and hopefully we might just make it! I’m fully aware I won’t win “best blogger/writer”, but it’ll be really nice to show I was shortlisted in 2019!!! True fan of the brand. The e Liquid must satisfy on every level Reading through the disqualification, it was hard to hear but I understand the T&C’s are to the discretion of ecigclick. Please get in touch here to request your award badge. and a very well done to you keep up the healthier lifestyle. Des Liquides de vapoteuse des quatre coins du monde afin d’en récompenser leur saveur et originalité. Appreciate your well put together comment though . Innokin Endura T18 II is best beginner kit, great flavor production, i like the hygienic cap function, it can keep the driptip clean, adjustable airflow.Very easy top fill. The result will also officially be announced by email newsletter. Congratulations to all below! So you (and likely many others) won’t always get the groups / products you personally think should be on the list. If not, can you make one? #welovevapingvinny, I’m shocked to see some of these comments bitching about other people and companies especially with what’s going on In the vape world with all these needless bans of vaping. Ehhh. Ripe pineapple combines with its citrus cousin grapefruit for a fantastic sweet and sour fruit vape. Available in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine, Glas Basix is a 70% VG blend which is perfect for dripping and sub ohm devices. Wow I’m absolutely humbled to see TBVC (The Boring Vape Company) Purple Mangosteen nominated for E Liquid -Best Fruit Flavour! Amazing! We will continue to innovate and advance our position and products in the industry so keep you’re eyes peeled! VaporFi’s e liquids are not the least expensive on the market but the 30-ml bottles for $15.99 are very affordable and have been winning awards recently at all the US vaping competitions. If you haven’t tried The Boring Vape Co before please check us out, you never know you might just find something you love!! Thankful to see the profile on the list and big congratulations to the vapor cloud team !!! Compact,Durable. Innokin Adept Zlide is super smart MTL Box Vaporizer for Me. U might as well save people’s time. With a rigid set of criteria, this list defines what makes an e-liquid the best e-juice out there. Thank y’all I’m for ever grateful for each of you ! And a massive thank you to all who voted for us, there’s some great brands who we were up against and to do this well we are truly humbled. PG e-liquid – an e-liquid that is more than 50% PG. The event is to recognise the hard work put in by companies and people across the vape world and show our appreciation. Once the votes have been counted, the decision of Ecigclick is final. The perfect cherry-limeade flavor recaptured in your next all day vape!. But we are here to recognise vapers favourite products, brands and communities. Massive savings and Doorbuster deals announced on Friday at 12:01am PST SHOP NOW! The Sour Belts vape juice from Oneup Vapor is so sweet, it's sour. Shout outs and love to all the people involved , E cigclick is the best billiards are the best brand lovely juice and coil friendly. I’m disappointed to not see chris from infoorsmokers on the list for best youtube channel 1930 Village Center Circle, #3-2263, Las Vegas, NV 89134 (650) 437-ZBOX (9269). Churros and Strawberry Ice Cream by Oneup Vapors has a delicious churro flavor but with a fruity twist. You haters will be calling somone else next week Tropical Twist is a mango, orange, and pineapple eliquid that will give you those sweet sensations that you wish to indulge in. We've Gone Virtual Register on VOXPO The only place to watch the Vapouround Awards . This type of vaping juice is used in standard vaping devices with atomizers above 1.0 ohms of resistance. 18 – Kilo E-Liquid. Vegetable glycerine is a thick, sticky, sweet liquid that produces maximum vapour at the expense of throat grip and flavour. We check on all categories and entries. No “Todds Reviews” for UK Youtube Vape Reviewer? Traditional menthol tobacco in a delicious salt nicotine vape!. Be sure to check them out. Please get in touch here to request your award badge. But that is the only way to keep the awards fair. Best way to do this is to send an email over to me via contact form at the end of the awards and we will sort this out Gary . These are based on nominations from vapers. Vote check – We would like nothing more than to set up the awards and just let them run organically. We actually do this periodically throughout the awards and in full at the end. Appreciated. Well done Jonny, Neil (if he did anything haha) and all the team at eCigClick. If you have already sent an email I will be responding soon. I’d love an “Ecigclick Finalist” banner for my Peegorevapes blog too. Enjoy the refreshing flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and melon with each pull of this e-liquid. We have one of the smallest followings Across social in comparison to other brands also we do not sell direct to consumers in order to promote customers visiting stores etc. , Vaping has saved my health and my teeth! © Copyright 2020- Electronic Cigarette Reviews By ecigclick.co.uk. Every year, ZampleBox reveals the best vape juice and e liquid based on over 250,000 votes from our vaping community. Do not blanket vote in all categories (for nominations) for any one brand/product/person/group – Vote only in the correct categories. The use of the post share with vape direct was linked to Purple Mangosteen being one of their best sellers. We have Award Badges available for every placing. Buncha Cheeky Bum Wankers! They offer a great range of e-liquid and starter kits. A close call in many categories. If you already have your vape starter kit, it's time to get juice! Thanks for the comment Umit, not something we want to do for sure but we’ve got to keep it the same rules for all as you understand. Our award-winning e-liquid features our very best flavours as voted by you! Cheers guys! It’s like going to a festival and realising that something is a thing. Try our iconic flavours that have been given the thumbs up by fellow vapers and leading organisations. Best Cereal Vape The Voyage Coastal Clouds. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Be fun tho if vaping vinny got the top spot wouldn’t it. In the event of any fault, mistake, misunderstanding or dispute concerning the outcome of a vote or poll, or the operation of any part of the web based voting system, the decision of Ecigclick shall be final. But I definitely agree, it would certainly save a lot of time if I didn’t have to do this. have a great xmas, look!!! Just sayin’. We are really humbled to have been nominated whilst such a new brand. Boosted is the fourth creamy strawberry e-liquid in this top 10 – which says a lot about the tastes of the vapers (at least the ones who voted on our poll) – aiming to bottle the authentic flavor of a strawberry milkshake (the kind you’d imagine getting from a 50s-style diner) in e-liquid form. BUY NOW. Although it may be after Christmas now before you receive a response . And hey we might be an adult site but prefer not to have bad language in the comments – even in what I assume is jest , Neil is right on all counts. This is another of the best ejuice flavors on the market that’s pretty affordable, at $5.75 for a 10 ml bottle, $14.50 for 30 ml and $45 for 135 ml, ranging from 33 to … Well done on the nomination though, it’s definitely put your range on the map for me personally, sound right up my street. The outcome of the vote or poll will be revealed by Ecigclick on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) within a week of the vote or poll having finished. Each flavour has earned its place on this page after winning numerous awards. Not only have the awards been busy but so has the vape world for many reasons. You did! No worries on that score mate – my brawling days are over lol And best of luck to you too – looks like Mooch has ‘charged’ away with the lead . Awards des meilleurs e-liquides de 2012 à 2020 par pays : Depuis maintenant quelques années, les Awards ne sont plus dédiés qu’au seul cinéma. Reviewing since 2010, Ecigclick covers all the latest in vaping. After a long hard slog of deleting ridiculous and abusive comments I was kind of tired and had the mantra – voted by vapers in my mind…no conspiracy , Huge fan of the Geekvape aegis legend with aero tank and the aegis solo with Cerberus tank. Thanks again to all who voted. Creating a premium e-juice goes way deeper than just the recipes — encompassing everything from the production down to the testing. I’ve voted only about the things I know about (I’ve discovered over the last year that Uwell beats Smok for example) and I only like menthol. If you’re looking for true premium e-juice, these are the seven highest quality e-juice brands based on comprehensive testing. We have these same old arguments and silly nonsense every year…and nothing we can say ever seems to get through to those making over-opinionated – accusatory comments…Happy Christmas Peace On Earth and Goodwill to ALL Men , Jonny Lad I think you are doing a fantastic job here! A crazy explosion of cranberry and raspberry meet a delicious limeade to create a flavor like nothing before. so thanks to all that voted for their favourites. Any votes made in this manner will be removed (all of the votes). Be sure to check them out. Above all, the awards are supposed to be a fun event! Its not fair and its not nice. Lol, Ha! In order to earn a Spinfuel Choice Award an e Liquid ‘flavor’ must deliver a superior taste, produce an abundance of clean, aromatic and flavorful vapor, and offer the Vaper a satisfying ‘vape’. Well done Jonny for organising and Admin-ing this awards – I know the hard work you have had to put in and we are all very proud of you. Any personal details you divulge when entering your vote will be used in accordance with our. I was just happy to make the top 10. And my vendor is awesome too(driphacks) Great community. Get a ZampleBox, or make a purchase on our retail store, By giving your email, you agree to our privacy policy, Copyright © 2020 ZampleBox LLC., All rights reserved. 8.9. Long way to go.. all the best. Get a life lol. Whatever you’re searching for, you can find the best of it here. No there really was something very dodgy going on Marc, hence the reduction in votes. Good luck this year Neil please don’t send someone round to ‘do me in’…. Me included. We have Award Badges available for every placing. Hey Michael, sure thing. Where is Freeman vape juice? Our poll of the best e-liquid vendors received considerably more votes than any of the others we ran, racking up 35,792 votes at the last count. My Vape Blog, Peegorevapes was shortlisted. Below you’ll find the award winning flavors that were voted best vape juice by our global community of members. just telling your story is accknowlagement enough for the people that helped you, thank you for sharing. He sprung up from nowhere and bought followers, he gets about 20views on videos unless hes on the live with the mag he writes for. Back at it today. I have seen ecig click name all over social media from last few weeks, on social media pages of some of the big names in the global VAPE industry from Smok to Innokin to Aspire to IVG to Nasty to Dinner Lady pages! ive recently changed to Driphacks and im really impressed with the flavor choice and the Hack kits, I cannot cast my vote for my desire product. The Jac Vapour S22 or S17 are very good tanks as well. Whats going on. Something we do every year. The juices are grouped into several different series, including the Original Series, Sour Series, Fruit Series, Moo Series, White Series, Black Series and the Candy Series. No need for bitchy comments though, its a bit of fun. Ben.. as you know the above were nominated by a large number of vapers. 2020 Awards Now Live. We’ve seen the largest number of nominations and votes in the history of the awards this year! Participants are required to encourage their supporters to vote in the way specified by these terms & conditions. The classic drink for those hot summer days. I did try to voice this in the video but I understand that it was out of the guidelines of the awards discretion. Kilo E-Liquid is a pretty big name in the industry and they’ve put out some of the best tasting e-juice you can find over their time in business. You have entered an incorrect email address! However the support has been phenomenal, TBVC are glad to have brought something new, innovative, coil friendly, lab tested and made in the UK to the table. With a name like that, it’s fair to say House Line Alternative were confident in this e-liquid. Le tapis rouge se déroule pour les meilleurs liquides de cigarette électronique. 9.7. Agreed Martin, shame they didn’t get the nominations to make it into the final polls! ?, Nothing any of us can say could change your opinion – which of course you’re entitled to…but ask yourself this…why on earth would we want to ‘fix’ the votes?

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